What our customers say…

My name is Angie. I am a 43 year old woman who had never lifted a weight before working with Catherine. She patiently taught me how to lift properly and eventually I was comfortable on my own in the gym! I would like to encourage other women out there to contact Catherine for fitness training.
(Angie, age 43)

Catherine is a great, supportive and expert wellness coach. She always goes “above and beyond” what is called for. Catherine’s superior communication skills, conscientious attention to the work at hand and her remarkable intuition all add up to make her an outstanding coach – and someone you want on your side! (Mona, age 40)

Catherine Workman is THE BEST trainer for your time and for your busy lifestyle. Her years of experience in fitness, especially weightlifting and nutrition, and her knowledge of overall health and well-being translate into an INCREDIBLE value.

Also, Catherine is a POWERFUL motivator. Her inspiration is constant- before, during, and after a workout. She helps YOU perform at the PEAK of your abilities.

There is NO better trainer on the Colorado Front Range, bar NONE, than Catherine Workman with Feel Good Buzz Natural Wellness Coaching & Fitness Training.” (Lee, age 39)