10 Apr

What your Doctor Won’t Tell you About High Blood Pressure

Possible Reasons Why you Have It:

- Mineral deficiency

- Dehydration

- High glucose levels (Eating a daily dose of organic cinnamon will help this.)

    - Emotional stress
    - Poor diet

Natural Solutions:

  • Eat plenty of low glycemic, whole grain, preservative-free, high fiber unprocessed foods.
  • (Eliminate white flours/sugars and processed foods from your diet.)
  • Drink lots of chemical-free, (and alkalized, if you can), high quality water. (The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in fluid ounces.)
  • Start drinking coconut water (it has more potassium than bananas and low potassium can lead to high blood pressure).
  • Eating lots of fresh, organic greens. (If you’re struggling with this, try the Healthmaster that’s endorsed by Montel Williams)
  • Do some sort of stress reducing daily activity like meditation, yoga, biofeedback, breathing, resting or cardiovascular exercise. (If you have Comcast On Demand cable T.V., there are free yoga and fitness classes under the “fitness” section!)
  • Marjoram essential oil by Be Young Essential Oils (Order with your own wholesale account at www.naturalplantmedicine.com. Use I.d. # 1368 when prompted.)
  • Start on a Smart Heart by Be Young Essential Oils (available in the “smart nutritionals” section). (Be Young also has a blood glucose supplement.)
  • Avoid high blood pressure medication. (And avoid mainstream medical doctors too, if you can. They always warn that you’re going to have a heart attack or a stroke to scare you into taking prescription meds., because their lack of understanding about nutrition and natural health is so awful! This is ridiculous. The high blood pressure medication will start causing other problems you don’t want!)

If you’re worried about your high blood pressure now, see a naturopath or an acupuncturist right away, (not an m.d. who’ll only make it worse in the long run).

4 Apr

Blood Clots Success Story

We are so excited to share yet another Protandim success story! . . .


We knew that Protandim was great for circulation.  (See Protandim® Found to Prevent a Process that Causes Blood Vessel Blockage in New Peer-Reviewed Study From The Ohio State University at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21167278.)  And we know that the turmeric in Protandim, a natural blood thinner, is 18 times more powerful in the Protandim formulation than it is normally, so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise . . .


A friend of ours who’d been having some circulation problems in his legs recently mentioned that he was concerned about a new blood clot which his doctor had noticed.  (It was Friday, April 1, 2011 when we heard about his blood clot scare.)  We were skeptical that such a small amount of Protandim would do his situation much good, (since the Protandim hadn’t had the recommended two weeks of time to get established in his system yet), but thinking that “you never know” and that it couldn’t hurt, we gave him two Protandim to take at home for the blood clot. 


Today, (Monday, April 4th, 2011), with a relieved look and much gratitude, our friend reported that he took the two Protandim later Friday afternoon and that his blood clot was gone after taking them!


To learn more about Protandim, see our previous post “Better Health, Better Aging, Better Vitamins and Serious Disease at http://www.feelgoodbuzz.com/better-health-better-aging-better-vitamins-and-serious-disease.html.)


To view the 2007-2009 Protandim patents, including the one which proves the magnified power of turmeric in Protandim, visit:

2 Feb

Oprah, Hydration and “The Rubber Band Trick”

If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. And if you run full speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race.” (Oprah Winfrey)

Okay, so maybe Oprah wasn’t exactly speaking about water consumption here, but we all know that water consumption is important for optimal health.  The problem is, many of us just aren’t getting enough.  We’ll explore this topic with more detail in future posts.  For now, here’s a tip to get you to drink more water . . .

1.  Calculate how much water you need to drink each day.  The general rule of thumb is to drink half  your body weight in fluid ounces each day.  Therefore, if you weight 150 pounds, you should be drinking 75 fluid ounces of water per day.

2. Now that you know how many fluid ounces of water you need per day, find a container to hold it.  A large steel water bottle or glass jar would be ideal.  (It needs to be a container that you’d feel comfortable transporting with you through out the day.  We’ll cover ideal container materials in a future post.) 

3. Here’s a water drinking tracking tip:  If your container holds 40 fluid ounces and you know you need to drink 75 fluid ounces per day, put  2 rubber bands around the container in the morning after you’ve filled it.  When you finish drinking your first 40 ounces, remove one rubber band.  Do the same when you finish your second 40 ounces.  At the end of the day, if your container is empty and there are no rubber bands around it, you reached your goal!  (Congratulations!)

More water consumption tips coming soon!

31 Jan

Better Health, Better Aging, Better Vitamins and Serious Disease

People always ask us, ‘Is your product a vitamin?”  (It’s an understandable question when you consider that we’ve never seen or heard of anything like it.)

The answer is “no”.  In fact, this kind of makes antioxidant vitamins look silly.

What we mean by that is, we’ve all been taught that we need to consume as many antioxidants as we can to eliminate all of those free radicals that are doing damage to our bodies, especially as we get older and face life threatening diseases.

The problem is, no one bothers to tell us that one traditional antioxidant molecule can only go after 1 free radical molecule at time before dying off in the process.  And, since our bodies have about 300 sextillion, (that’s the #3 followed by 23 zeros, I believe) free radicals in them each day, that’s going to be a real uphill/no win battle!  And, they also for sure don’t tell us that we can actually consume too many antioxidants, which then creates more of the free radicals that we’re trying to get rid of in the first place!  (Ugh!)

The good news is, Protandim has been scientifically, independently proven to go after 1 million free radicals per second without being used up in the process!

That’s like having your house engulfed in flames and pouring a cup of water (like a conventional antioxidant supplement) on it to put it out versus using a professional fire hose with a continuous stream of water (Protandim) to put it out!  I’d pick the Protandim/the fire hose, wouldn’t you?

And, there’s more . . . Protandim isn’t like a vitamin, because it causes your own cells to make their own antioxidant enzymes for the cells and by the cells that eliminate 1,000,000 free radicals per second!

To use another analogy, taking a conventional antioxidant supplement is like going to the grocery store to buy your fresh vegetables.  Taking Protandim is more like growing your own, pesticide-free, fresh vegetables right out of your own backyard garden.  Once again, we’d rather make/grow my own and use Protandim!

In case you’re still not getting what all of this means to you in terms of better health, better aging, better vitamins and preventing or eliminating serious disease, then do yourself a favor, don’t just take our word for it, go to www.pubmed.gov.  This is an international resource for all research that’s been published in scientific and medical journals.  (This is where we have access to high caliber published research.  Getting published in an independent, peer reviewed journal is a big deal and an arduous process.  This site is what your medical doctor uses to learn more about the latest studies.  And, if he/she doesn’t use it, fire him and get a new one.  Better yet, in my opinion, get a good naturopath instead.)  Our tax dollars pay for www.pubmed.gov.

According to the research, Protandim is the best supplement on the planet for reducing oxidative stress (that’s what it’s doing when it’s eliminating those 1 million free radicals per second).  When you get to www.pubmed.gov, type in “oxidative stress“.  (Then notice you get over 84,000 studies.)  Now, type in “oxidative stress + cancer” or “oxidative stress + breast cancer” or “oxidative stress + diabetes”.  (You get the idea, just type in “oxidative stress” + any disease or health issue, and you will see the connection.)  Also, fyi, oxidative stress and inflammation go hand in hand.

Finally, while you’re at www.pubmed.gov, type in “Protandim“.  There are now 7 independently studied, published, peer reviewed articles on Protandim with many more in the works and soon to be released.  The published studies will validate what we’ve shared.  And, in case you don’t see what you’re looking for, just email us and we’ll tell you where to download the three Protandim patents too.

*** This might be the most important thing of all . . . If you or anyone you know is dealing with a major health crisis, even if it includes surgery, get on/get them on Protandim A.S.A.P.!  Dr. Joe McCord, Protandim‘s founder out of CU Denver, announced a study in October of 2010 which shows the benefits of taking Protandim WHILE undergoing chemotherapy or radiation (It kills the cancer cells while protecting the healthy cells.)!  Here’s that study:  “Enhanced glutathione efflux from astrocytes in culture by low extracellular Ca2+ and curcumin” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed.  If the person you’re trying to help, ignores you, have them call us.  Or, better yet, let’s do a three way phone call together!  (This is important stuff!)

*** Here’s an example of someone in a major health crisis (cancer) who was helped by Protandim . . . At a November talk in Denver, Dr. Dondee Nettles shared an experience he had with a world reknowned oncologist from Utah calling him (a retired chiropractor) to ask why/how the Protandim was working so well for one of his patients.   He told Dr. Dondee that he had a patient with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer who’d been treated with chemo. and radiation 12 times!  His patient has started taking Protandim 6 weeks ago! and her tumor markers went down from 258 to 112!

(There are many more examples like this one of people who’ve been helped by Protandim.  www.pubmed.gov should help you understand why.)