For additional support and ideas we recommend a great online health tracking tool, a unique online healthy weight loss program or our Meetups group.

Holistic Fitness Training

We train the ‘whole you’, maximizing the attributes of your unique lifestyle and life experiences that will contribute to your success. If you are ready to take responsibility for your well-being, we will upgrade your current fitness routine or help you create a better routine to increase your performance, lift your spirits, rev. up your metabolism, increase your confidence and energy and help you achieve and maintain your ideal body.

Holistic Nutritional Coaching

Whether you just need a new, fun approach with simple tweaks and tips or complete support for a total holistic eating makeover, Feel Good Buzz has got it all. We partner with you to custom design a unique and complete holistic nutritional plan that will get you the long lasting results you desire.

Stay on track with eHealth Reminders

  • Receive mini, motivational health tips via email or text
  • $5/mo. for Basic Tips
  • $10/mo. for Interactive Tips
  • Free two week Basic Tips trial!

Other Services

For additional support, try this online health tracking tool, an all-in-oneonline healthy weight loss program or our Meetups group.