11 Apr

New Tools for Masculine and Feminine Balance

Tweet   There isn’t much to say about this video by a group of conscious men until you’ve had a chance to watch it yourself, (click this link to watch the You Tube video): Dear Woman   After you’ve watched it, please share your thoughts with us at Feel Good Buzz by leaving us a [...]

24 Feb

Better Results with Affirmations

Tweet According to Arielle Ford, co-creator of The Ultimate Soulmate Summit, the movie “The Secret” skipped the most important part . . . and that is turning affirmations into what she calls “feelizations”. An affirmation doesn’t work without the emotional component, Ford believes. Make it a more powerful “feelization” by feeling, in every cell of [...]

23 Feb

Biggest Blocks to Attracting a Soulmate

Tweet Here’s more from the Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks interview on The Ultimate Soulmate Summit (February, 2011) . . . A Soulmate Relationship is when . . . * You feel a deep respect for the other’s being * You have the experience of partnering fully * You can be fully yourself and fully present in [...]

20 Feb

The Relationship Miracle Worker, Advice for Singles and More

Tweet Here are some expert tips for singles from Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks’ interview featured on The Ultimate Soulmate Summit this week: * To prepare yourself for big love in your life, be willing to learn.  * To get yourself in the vibration of attracting geniune love, spend the 1st 10 min. of each day doing something that [...]

9 Feb

How to Overcome a Toxic Mindset and Feel Better

Tweet Here are some helpful words of wisdom that were shared by Noah St. John, creator of Afformations, today (02/09/11) via email: * Question sent to Noah: “How are you, my friend?  Just wanted to ask you a question because you might be able to answer it, in fact I’m certain you will be able to.  I’ll [...]