10 Apr

What your Doctor Won’t Tell you About High Blood Pressure

Tweet Possible Reasons Why you Have It: – Mineral deficiency – Dehydration – High glucose levels (Eating a daily dose of organic cinnamon will help this.) – Emotional stress – Poor diet Natural Solutions: Eat plenty of low glycemic, whole grain, preservative-free, high fiber unprocessed foods. (Eliminate white flours/sugars and processed foods from your diet.) [...]

28 Feb

Tempeh, the Safe Soy

Tweet Yum! Have you tried Marinated Smoky Maple Bacon Tempeh by Turtle Island Foods, Inc.? Nutritional Info.: – Servings per box: 2 – Calories/serving: 130 – Sodium/serving: 300 mg – Protein/serving: 12 g This delicious source of protein is non-GMO. It’s sweetened with molasses and maple syrup (both are healthy, alkaline sweeteners). And, since it’s [...]

21 Feb

The Truth about Vaccines

Tweet Do you, your children or your family members get vaccinated?  Have you ever heard about vaccines being unsafe or wondered about it?  This is a must read editorial that should make things more clear, regardless of your opinion or experience with this issue . . .   A Few Things I Know by Suzanne Humphries, MD February 5, [...]

13 Feb

How to Make Chocolate and Sweeteners Guilt-free

Tweet Thank you to Anita from Feel Better Forever for inspiring today’s post . . . We are often told to avoid sugar and sweeteners and then we aren’t given any good alternatives.  (Just because you’re avoiding refined, white sugar, doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun!)  The quality of the sweetener matters . . . choose raw [...]