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What’s a “Feel Good Buzz”?

A Physical Feel Good Buzz is when your body has enough of an electrical charge for optimal cellular function and communication in all body systems.

  • The quality of your health is based on the quality of the electrical charges that your cells use to communicate and run your body. In Energetic Medicine, this electrical charge is called “voltage” or “frequency”.
  • In Chinese Medicine, acupuncturists identify and improve your body’s electrical currents or “energy meridians” to make you well.
  • Testing urine pH is a simple way for the average person to measure the body’s electrical charge or mineral reserves. (People who have a “good pH” or acid/alkaline balance generally experience better health.) It is often said, “disease can’t survive in an alkaline environment.”

    For more on improving your pH, acid/alkaline balance, voltage or frequency, click here or visit “Holistic Nutritional Coaching” in the “Services” menu.

  • To learn more about electron donor activities that give your body an optimal electrical charge, visit “Quick Tips”.

An Emotional Feel Good Buzz is when you are in a personal “zone” of feeling emotionally and mentally well for any number of reasons.

When you’re in an emotional “Feel Good Buzz zone,” you may notice that

  • Your life seems to “flow” more easily and things you want or need just seem to “magically fall into place” for you without any resistance or effort
  • You bring out the best in others- they may smile more, go out of their way for you, treat you with extra kindness, etc.
  • You are amazingly productive, accomplishing tasks quickly that normally take you much longer to do
  • You are more relaxed, positive, confident, full of laughter and feel physically good

All of our services, including holistic fitness training and holistic nutritional coaching, provide you with the “attitude support” and resources you need to maintain a positive emotional Feel Good Buzz and be your best!

About Catherine:

As an adolescent, Catherine was fascinated by the vast differences in health and mood that she noticed within the members of her own family. When her grandparents died young, relatives were diagnosed with health problems and she became overweight, Catherine committed to mastering the optimal and preventative health secrets that eluded most people she knew. After initially working in public education, Catherine officially entered the wellness industry in 2001 to pursue her life long passion for sharing her secrets of optimal health with others.