18 Mar

Afternoon Green Energy Booster

KeVita Living Greens by Earthsong Organics

* Contains nutrient dense superfoods

* Raw, organic probiotic drink: Replenishes, Rejuvenates, Energizes

Manufacturer description:
“Earthsong Organics KeVita is the first probiotic drink of its kind. Full of vital kefir derived prebiotics, antioxidants and detoxifying Phytoalgaes, KeVita Living Greens works on a cellular level to support and balance energy. With 10 billion probiotics per bottle KeVita quenches your thirst for life!

KeVita supports beneficial digestive flora, and contains cultures known to maintain healthy immune function, circulation, metabolism and natural detoxification.”

Ingredients: Purified water, Organic KeVita Culture, Organic Cane Juice, Organic Fair Trade Green Tea, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, PhytoAlgaes, Chlorella Vulgaris, Organic AFA, Organic BrainOn, Marine Phytoplankton, FOS, Calcium Ascorbate, Organic Fig Concentrate, Organic Matcha Tea, Grape Seed Extract

Keep refrigerated. Shake, open with care.

Nutrition Facts:

  • 80 calories/bottle
  • 30 mg sodium
  • 6 g sugars

Probiotic Content: 10+ billion active per bottle (This is as much as the leading probiotic yogurts and kefirs, and 5 times the Lactobacillus as kombucha.)

Terms & Definitions:

  • Chlorella: green single-celled algae cultivated in fresh water ponds. It has the highest chlorophyll concentration of any plant in the world and has existed on the planet for billions of years.  (Fossils of Chlorella have been found dating back 3 billion years!)  Chlorella is one of the healthiest, most potent foods in existence. It is often called the “perfect food” as it provides the body with nearly all of its nutritional needs.  It is a wonderful detoxifier, immune system enhancer and also a wonderful aid for digestion.
  • Marine Phytoplankton: single-celled aquatic organisms and one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth. Benefits include: enhanced brain function, improved immune function, antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial effects, improved cellular repair, radiation protection, detoxification support, anti-inflammatory support, antioxidant support and improved circulation.
  • Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA): fresh water, edible species of blue-green algae which many call the most nutritious food on the planet.  It is the most ancient food on earth! AFA offers us chlorophyll, vitamin B12, beta-carotene, iron, protein, enzymes, amino acids and many more nutrients.
  • BrainON®: extract which offers a significant concentration of naturally occurring phenylethylamine (PEA) as found in AFA blue-green algae. In chocolate, PEA is known as the “love molecule” and BrainON® contains more bio-available PEA than chocolate. PEA promotes clear thinking and focus to give you optimal cognitive function.
  • Matcha: green powdered tea. It is the highest quality tea available in Japan.
  • Intestinal Bacteria: You have bacteria living in your gut. Some of them could make you sick, however there are also bacteria that are actually beneficial. These “friendly” bacteria help keep bad bacteria and yeast from growing in your intestinal tract. Bacteria also help make vitamin K and keep your immune system functioning properly.  Normally you have an abundance of friendly bacteria, however antibiotic therapy, stress and poor dietary choices may all cause intestinal dysbiosis, which is a bacterial imbalance that results in overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast. (http://nutrition.about.com/od/therapeuticnutrition1/p/pro_prebiotics.htm)
  • Prebiotic:non-digestible foods that make their way through our digestive system and help good bacteria grow and flourish. Prebiotics keep beneficial bacteria healthy. (http://nutrition.about.com/od/therapeuticnutrition1/p/pro_prebiotics.htm)
  • Probiotic: live bacteria that helps populate the large intestine with friendly bacteria known as gut flora, which dissolve harmful micro-organisms and cholesterol. The bacteria can be destroyed by antibiotics, or the numbers can get too low as the result of an unhealthy diet, and probiotics are a good way of making sure you have enough of them.  (Source: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_probiotics_used_for and http://www.gokombucha.com/health_benefits.html)
  • Kefir: contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria found in yogurt. The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in kefir combine symbiotically to give superior health benefits when consumed regularly. It is loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals and contains easily digestible complete proteins.  For the lactose intolerant, kefir’s abundance of beneficial yeast and bacteria provide lactase, an enzyme which consumes most of the lactose left after the culturing process. (Source: http://www.kefir.net/intro.htm)
  • Superfood: food rich in phytochemicals, which are special chemicals that have been noted to have disease-fighting properties. Phytochemicals can reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, or in some other way contribute to a person being healthier. When foods are high in these phytochemicals, they may be eaten not only because they taste good, but because they are good for you too. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superfood)
  • Phytoalgaes: a unique complex of 17 carotenoids and micronutrients extracted from Spirulina and Dunaliella algae.  (Algae, such as blue-green algae are microscopic organisms that are naturally present in lakes and streams.  They contain significant levels of vitamins, minerals, and rich pigment nutrients and are a good non-animal source of protein and amino acids.)
  • Lactobacillus: People have been using these bacterial assistants in food production for centuries.  Some common conventional uses of Lactobacillus bacteria include restoration of normal gut flora after severe infections and treatment of bacterial vaginosis.  (Source:  http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-lactobacillus.htm)
  • Kombucha: fermented tea that is often drunk for medicinal purposes.  Contains a high concentration of probiotic-rich acids that can provide a powerful energy boost, and detoxify and cleanse the blood of disease-causing toxins, allowing the body to alleviate a wide spectrum of ailments and conditions; from the mildest indisposition to the most serious diseases.  (Source:  http://www.gokombucha.com/health_benefits.html)

For more information about KeVita, visit Earthsongorganics.com