28 Feb

Tempeh, the Safe Soy

Yum! Have you tried Marinated Smoky Maple Bacon Tempeh by Turtle Island Foods, Inc.?

Nutritional Info.:

- Servings per box: 2

- Calories/serving: 130

- Sodium/serving: 300 mg

- Protein/serving: 12 g

This delicious source of protein is non-GMO. It’s sweetened with molasses and maple syrup (both are healthy, alkaline sweeteners). And, since it’s a soy product that’s been fermented, it’s safe to eat. (Other fermented soy products include natto, soy sauce, fermented soy milk and miso.)

Why is fermented soy healthier than other non-fermented soy products?

The phytochemicals which are found in the natural form of soy are toxic to the body. (They can negatively affect the immune system and digestive system; and have also been linked to PMS, attention deficit disorders, reproductive problems, allergies, cancer and heart disease.)  Fermenting removes the dangerous phytochemicals found in soy and makes it rich in nutrition. However, even if you’re eating non-GMO, fermented soy, consume it in small quantities. (In Japan and China, they only consume about 1 oz. per day.)

How much protein to eat each day:

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “Your daily protein intake should be between 50 and 100 grams if you are on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet.” (Exact amounts vary depending on a person’s age, activity levels, caloric intake and any health issues.)  If you need a visual, four ounces of meat, poultry, etc. is about the size of a deck of cards and contains 25 to 35 grams of protein.

(We’ll cover more about the healthiest sources of protein and the best times to eat them in future articles.)

24 Feb

Better Results with Affirmations

According to Arielle Ford, co-creator of The Ultimate Soulmate Summit, the movie “The Secret” skipped the most important part . . . and that is turning affirmations into what she calls “feelizations”.

An affirmation doesn’t work without the emotional component, Ford believes.

Make it a more powerful “feelization” by feeling, in every cell of your body, that what you’ve asked for is already yours.

In her Ultimate Soulmate Summit interview, Ford, shared a simple meditation you can do to make yourself more attractive to your ultimate soulmate (or anything that you desire) . . .

1. Eliminate distractions. Remove anything that might be sitting on your lap.  Gently close your eyes.  Let your shoulders drop.  Take a long slow deep breath in through the nose and out throught the mouth.  Take another one.  Lightly let your attention drop to the area around your heart.  Now, with your imagination, feel that you’re breathing in and out through your heart so that you keep your attention lightly there.

2. As you continue to grow more quiet, peaceful and still, remember a time when you experienced appreciation for something or someone.  Take this experience of appreciation and hold it in the area on your heart.  Notice where else you have the feeling or memory of appreciation elsewhere in your body.  Breath into the feeling of appreciation.- Let it go and drift a way.

3. Call in a time when you felt gratitude for something or someone. It could be for something as simple as the sound of the ocean, a sweet smell of a flower.  Call in the feeling of gratitude.  As you’re breathing in this feeling, experience or memory of gratitude, notice it elsewhere in your body.  Let that drift away.
4. Now think of a time when you had an experience of feeling love. It could be looking into the eyes of a child, etc.  Hold this experience in the center of your heart.  And then notice where else in your body you experience it.  Take another long slow deep breath and let the experience of love wash over you in waves.  Then let it go.  Let it drift away.  Begin to feel the earth under your feet and the seat under your butt.  Gently drift back up.  Open your eyes when you’re ready.

(Excerpted from The Ultimate Soulmate Summit.  Visit http://www.soulmatesummit.net/event/ to learn more.)

23 Feb

Biggest Blocks to Attracting a Soulmate

Here’s more from the Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks interview on The Ultimate Soulmate Summit (February, 2011) . . .

A Soulmate Relationship is when . . .
* You feel a deep respect for the other’s being

* You have the experience of partnering fully
* You can be fully yourself and fully present in the relationship too (And, the more you are yourself, the more you can be there in the relationship.)

The biggest blocks to attracting the right person are . . .
* Emotional despair (This makes you give up and suddenly you overlook the positive possibilities in a situation.)  To overcome thsi, open up and love that despair.  Then, move out of it by focusing again on what you want to create.

* Indigested/unaddressed emotion: It’s some version of some fear- you feel unworthy, unlovable, damaged, etc.  After you realize your fear, re-commit to what you really want.  Also, breath, move (actually change your body position) and love (as much as you can from wherever you are).  The Hendricks sell a silicon wrist band that says, “Breath, Move, Love”.

Final Tips:

 ~ Success in attracting your soulmate is all about your individual commitment to loving yourself and being real and creating a space where people can be real with you. ~

~ Find a way to make relationship a high new form of play and invite more! ~

To learn more about The Ultimate Soulmate Summit, visit http://soulmatesummit.net.

To learn more about The Relationship Catalyst by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, visit http://bit.ly/i3EOwZ.

21 Feb

The Truth about Vaccines

Do you, your children or your family members get vaccinated?  Have you ever heard about vaccines being unsafe or wondered about it?  This is a must read editorial that should make things more clear, regardless of your opinion or experience with this issue . . .


A Few Things I Know

by Suzanne Humphries, MD
February 5, 2011

I am a Medical Doctor with credentials in internal medicine and nephrology (kidneys). I received a bachelor’s degree in theoretical physics in 1987 from Rutgers University. I mention the college degree in case any doubtful readers question my mental prowess. One can doubt my intellectual ability less if they first realize that I know how to figure out difficult things. I know how to look at something in depth for many hours or days until I understand the inner workings of it. This is what I learned to do in college. In fact the strenuous mind-bending exercise that was part of the physics curriculum made medical school easy. I found the study of the human body, chemistry and biology to be in comparison quite shallow, simple and easy to comprehend.

I also spent two years working in a biochemistry lab as the head technician. There I learned many things that at the time I didn’t think would ever serve any purpose in my life. But in fact, as our destinies are often predetermined, the lab experience did indeed come around to serve me. In the recent days of vaccine debates, need for scientific proof, evidence of harm, I have found that knowledge of the technical aspects of animal studies and cell cultures are very good things to understand.

I have spent four years teaching internal medicine and nephrology to medical students, residents and advanced fellows in training at a university hospital as an assistant professor. During that time, reading over and critiquing dozens of journal articles was a part of everyday life. Suffice it to say, my past experiences have put me in good standing to look into the problems with vaccines and make certain determinations. Like most doctors, I held a blind belief for many years, that vaccines were necessary, safe and effective. Like most doctors, I never lifted a page to seek out any other truth for myself. But unlike most doctors, I have no stake in upholding false paradigms and I am no longer indebted to the government for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unlike most doctors, I have the means to survive with or without my medical license because I have sought out another education to support myself in case of worst case scenario. I do not feel fearful to speak the plain truth as it sits on the pages in front of me. Thousands of pages and hundreds of hours have led me to see the horrifying truth of what is being done to people and animals all over the world under the false pretense of “health”.

I am of sound mind, on no pharmaceutical drugs, carry no medical diagnosis and am unusually fit for my 47 years. I am happy, and have no grudge against any particular party. Up until 2 years ago I was content to work as a medical doctor caring for very sick people with kidney failure. Two years ago, everything changed. With several undeniable cases of kidney-associated vaccine injury in previously healthy people, I started to look deeper into the information that I had previously held as factual and not worthy of debate. I started to study vaccines, their components, and the science behind the statements of safety and effectiveness. From there an avalanche of truth collapsed upon me and I will never be the same. In fact, nothing I look at will ever be the same. Chronic degenerative diseases, kidney failure, autoimmune diseases and powers of authority will never look the same to me again. There are certain things that I can now say with no uncertainty.

Vaccines did not save humanity and never will.

Vaccines have never been proven truly safe except for perhaps the parameters of immediate death or some specific adverse events within up to 4 weeks.

Smallpox was not eradicated by vaccines as many doctors readily say it was. They say this out of conditioning rather than out of understanding the history or science.

Polio virus was not responsible for the paralysis in the first part of the 20th century. Polio vaccine research, development, testing and distribution has committed atrocities upon primates and humanity. Bill Gates is not a humanitarian.

Vaccines are dangerous and should never be injected into anyone for any reason. They are not the answer to infectious diseases. There are many more sustainable and benevolent solutions than vaccines.

Medical authorities should not have the final word on how doctors treat individual patients in the privacy of their own offices and should not be able to dictate injections into our private hospital patients.

The list goes on, but with this introduction I challenge health care practitioners to look into the topic of vaccines with an open mind, on their own. I implore them to read books and alternative literature sources. I ask that they understand that the peer review process has censored intelligent doubt on vaccine safety and driven it into the alternative press. I beg that all health care practitioners place their egos beside them and be ready for what will happen when the truth is visible. You may not want to go back to work. You may not be able to follow the recommendations that are being ever more heavy handedly given to you. I ask this for the good of humanity. With each passing moment more and more money and power is being handed to the powers that be and the end result is a barrage of vaccines starting at the first hours of every life that is born in a conventional manner. The injections pile up and the new illnesses appear shortly thereafter more and more every year. The degree of illness in such an advanced society should not be accepted as normal or just environmental. Please, parents and health care practitioners do your homework. The minds and bodies of future generations depend upon it.

(Source: http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2011/02/06/a-few-things-i-know)

20 Feb

The Relationship Miracle Worker, Advice for Singles and More

Here are some expert tips for singles from Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks’ interview featured on The Ultimate Soulmate Summit this week:

* To prepare yourself for big love in your life, be willing to learn. 

* To get yourself in the vibration of attracting geniune love, spend the 1st 10 min. of each day doing something that you love.  Make a daily commitment to loving yourself in action.

* Make a list of your three no’s or dealbreakers and three yes’s.  Make this a wholehearted exploration by breathing into and feeling the pleasure of the new and honoring the learning from the old.  Walk around as if you’re already in the relationship that you want & declare it.

* Stop your negative self talk and self loathing.  Instead, love yourself in the moment.  Say,“What is it that I can do to express my love through my creativity into the world today?”


If you are already in a relationship . . .

* Ask yourself, “What can I do today to experience greater love in our relationship?”

* Ask your partner, “Is there any way that I could be acting ot speaking that would make you feel more loved in our lives?: (It’s the asking of this that drives the relationship to greater and greater realms of consciousness)

* Making the commitment to learn changes the interaction from “working on” to “discovery”.


The Miracle Worker in Relationships- Wonder . . .

* In times of anger/conflict, take a moment to wonder what you are feeling underneath your anger.  When you know what’s really going on underneath, you’re not distracted by the anger.

* A moment of wonder is kind of like a homeopathic drop of love in any situation because it expands you out from that experience of being contracted . . . Fear is a kind of deep, gut contraction and when that eases up, you can love again . . . When you can direct that love to yourself as well as to the other person, some real magic can occur very quickly.” (Gay Hendricks)


How to do “The Wonder Move”:

“Here’s the wonder move.  It’s a jumpstart to wondering.  Create a really pleasant ‘hmm’ sound that you actually make so that you can hear yourself.  (That shifts you from your critical brain to your wonder brain.)  It opens up the experience of wonder.  If you ‘hmm’ and then add in, ‘Hmm, I wonder what I could learn from this?’  or ‘Hmm, I wonder what I’m really feeling here?’ or ‘Hmm, I wonder what I could share that would make a difference here?’  The ‘hmm’ allows you to generate wonder.  Plus, it feels really good.” (Kathlyn Hendricks) 

To learn more about The Ultimate Soulmate Summit, visit http://soulmatesummit.net.

To learn more about The Relationship Catalyst by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, visit http://bit.ly/i3EOwZ.

(We’ll share more from the Hendricks’ interview in a future blog.)

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